Monday, 22 July 2013

Illustration Friday: Robot

Here's a sneak peak on a little story project I'm working on.

  These smiling mechanoid buddies are just wandering around a wartorn city, looking for any possible survivors.  Unfortunately they'd rather greet you with razor sharp claws rather than open arms. 

...and because the theme is robots. Here's another for funsies!

Various Compositions

Here is a list of  some fun drawings I've worked on recently.  Apparently I like monsters! 

 This piece was inspired by the musical artist Igorrr, who has an incredibly chaotic style, and it attracted me to make this lovely lady.

"Murder the Ocean"
I love pirate ships, and giant cephalopods. However, I was never really good at drawing either, so I practiced hard and made this neat little number!

"Fee Fi Fo Fum"
This is pretty much just me fanning over the series Attack on Titan. Experimenting with textures, still need practice me thinks.

Just trying to give robots a creepy edge to them.

"Just a Click Away"
Probably one of my favourite pieces I've worked on. Heavily inspired by 80s cyberpunk movies and its lore.  Wanted to create a story through the picture, I think it turned out well.  Sure was fun to create

Mountains A Plenty!

Working alot on landscape compositions lately, and I must say, mountains are fun to learn with! These are all rather quick sketches, roughly an hour or less each, but fun to do no less!