Friday, 11 May 2012

My Daily Works

I've made a goal starting today to make a portrait of anyone/anything for the rest of the month, who knows, maybe even longer :)

Day 1: Popcorn the Amorphous Thing
So for this day I basically sketched out the first thing that came to mind this morning; a strange bumpy alien like thing.  Purely used the charcoal stick .  Started with a quick outline here and the disgruntled face, almost showing a disparity.

Here i did some detail work on the face adding a bit more shading to his bumps.

For the final product, I darkened the circles around his eyes to show that they are sunken in.  I added more tumorous growths on the head, and completed the detailing.  All in all I really enjoyed this, and I'm excited to start another piece.

Day 2: The Best Representation of Myself
This day I decided to do a self portrait, so I took a picture of myself when I woke up and just draw how I felt afterwards. (i know it's a dark photo)

I wanted to point out my half-hearted 'smile' so I made is as a grotesque Joker-like scar (which works cuz I have my share of facial scars from martial arts training).  I also wanted to emphasize my large, globular eyes. Another really fun piece, I'm enjoying this project so far!

Day 3: Mutha's Day
This one was just a fun little piece I did, for the special day celebrating our matriarchs.

Day 4: Roswell
For this day I decided to mix it up with a quick little digital painting.  I basically made my interpretation of the  traditional 'Grey Alien'.  Simple photoshop painting and got a chance to work on the planets again.

Day 5+6: Smirk
This one was done all with one pen and man did it feel long (Took approximately 8 hours total).  Unfortunately I didn't get to work on many more drawings due to work and doing research for my game, so this one counts as the other one I missed. 

There was alot of detail put into the exposed muscular structure of our model here.  Spent alot of time on it and I personally am really proud of it 

Day 7: Sight (illustration friday as well)
Another pen drawing based on the word "sight".  I wanted to accentuate the eyes for obvious reasoning.  This was a little test for me as I wanted to see what I can make in a >45 minute time period as I only had a chance to do this on my lunch break at work.  I think it turned out well considering.

Day 8: Sightless
This one is another portrait done at work, so I had a rough time constraint.  Quick and fun.

Day 9: Stressed
After having a rather anxious night this Victoria day, I thought that rather than let the stress take over me, I'll use it to my advantage.  I listened to some crazy music ('Unexpect' check 'em out) and made a very aggressive charcoal piece. 

Day 10- Koffing
Here I did my favourite Pokemon, KOFFING!  For those who aren't familiar, Koffing is essentially a floating toxic-gaseous tumor with a big smile on its face.
(original pic)

(my interpretation, similar no?)

So to make this, I simply sketched it in ink, scanned it, and then coloured it in photoshop. 

Day 11- ロボット (Robotto)
Much along the same lines of what I did with Day 10, I used ink and photoshop to colour.  Had to do most of this at work.

Day 12- Hypno (more Pokemon)
Maybe I should consider doing a pokemon series. Hypno was creepy to start with, I just added a couple details.

Day 13+14 Suspicion
Unfortunately due to work and lack of supplies at work, I missed a day, but made up for it by making this shady lil' fella.  Done with a HB pencil

Day 15 Muk and Grimers
My last Pokemon post for the month.  Alot of people requested I do this as a series, so I'm breaking the ice.
So here are my little sentient puddles of sludge 

Day 16 Swamp Thing
An older ink sketch I did, thought it could use some colour so I  touched it up digitally.

Day 17- Fear
My last piece of this May series. And this one sure crept me out. Just thought "I think I wanna make something freaky today" so I did.

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