Friday, 3 February 2012

Takeya / WAR

So here we have a step-by-step of a portrait of two of my characters,  Takeya and his personal demon, WAR.  Originally I was planning to do a portrait of Takeya; a grizzled samurai who rather than lead a life of malice and disparity through a life-time of war, he keeps a positive outlook, even through times of conflict.

After the initial sketch, I saw that there was room on the right side of the page and I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate Takeya's counterpart; the embodiment of War.  Unlike the other spiritual antagonists (Death, Pestilence, and Famine; all of whom show no remorse) War lives by the code of 'Bushido', or the code of honour, so by that morality, I decided to represent him (or his human form at least) in samurai armor, masked with the kabuto hemet.

In the center of the page I sketched the kanji symbol for "WAR", in case anyone was wondering ;)

After shading and detail work, I shaded in a background for contrast and style.  I added eraser streaks to imitate the slice of a sword as well.

Overall, I'm very proud of this piece, it was actually very fun to work on. More character art on the way, as well as some level ideas :D

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