Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pen and paper

Here I will be posting straight up ink drawings, be it doodles, sketches, or full on works.

Meadow of Dreams
Here's a piece i worked on for quite a while, and used up quite a few pens. I love using the cross-hatching style, especially for particularly creepy drawings such as this (gives it a sort of demented, chaotic feel). and for the waves I used simple strokes of a brush in India ink. Overall I love how this piece turned out.

Random Giraffe
This was actually just a random doodle at work in my little notebook. Funtimes all around.

A couple of sphere-like monsters, getting used to giving my work actual dimensions, as shown by the different angles of the other creatures in the background

A piece based off of one of my favourite movies; Tetsuo the Iron Man.  I tried to put in a lot of detail here, as this is essentially a chaotic living pile of scrap metal and flesh.

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  1. The giraffe looks awesome, I'd love to see that in an animation!