Sunday, 29 January 2012

The 1 Percent

This is a portrait I did for my illustration class.  The class had to find a picture from LIFE magazine's gallery, and over the semester we have to recreate it in a variety of different mediums.  This specific picture is of a "One-percenter" in the Hell's Angels.  The term was created to describe how most of the gang was there for the freedom and joy of riding, whilst there was the one percent who was actually a convicted felon.
I chose this picture because I simply thought it was a perfectly shot photo, that and he looks like a spitting image of my dad when he was younger.  Here is where you can find the original picture.

And here we have the picture as done in india ink and paintbrush
Here is a monochromatic acrylic painting as well
Complementary colour Acrylic
Grey scale acrylic
Full colour Acrylic

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  1. Lucas, these are quite good for your first attempts. Practice will greatly improve your skill level. right now, this is still looking a little rough... but its showing good potential. Keep at it - you're on the right track - and always concentrate on observing and reproducing a good range of values.