Friday, 27 January 2012

Illustration Friday: Twirl

Every Friday I participate in a website known as Illustration Fridays, where they give various artists around the net a said word.  This past week, the word was "Twirl", so this came to mind.  A straight up watercolour piece

So i started off with a quick sketch of the first thing that came to mind when i thought "twirl". Oddly enough what I thought up of was the representative of Death (a character in a story I'm making) twirling in a spirally cloud of darkness.

Here are some thumbnails, i was wondering if I wanted to make her a very dark character (which seems fitting) or if I wanted to make her more angelic, which would've made it a little bit more different.

 I eventually settled with the dark black/grey tones, due to the fact that the character is dark, merciless, and without emotion.  I wanted to get the wings a deep murky black, so there was alot of black used here.

aaaaaaand here's the finished product!   Looking forward to the next word. (get it? because the next word we have to do is 'forwa.. *gets tomato thrown at*)

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